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"The first duty of business is to survive, and the guiding principles of business economics is not the maximising of profits, it is the avoidance of losses"

- Peter Drucker

Risk Management / Fraud Risk Management / Internal Audit and associated services
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Fraud Risk Management

  • Conduct a fraud risk assessment on your business – determine your fraud exposure
  • Provide fraud awareness training to staff, management and clients
  • Develop a fraud risk management strategy that covers fraud prevention, detection, investigation and correction
  • Develop fraud prevention plans and fraud policies
  • Develop and implement a fraud awareness and communication plan for your company
  • Assist in fraud investigations, gathering of evidence, interviewing of suspects
  • Ability to both initiate and chair disciplinary hearings
  • Ability to conduct integrity testing / profiling of staff
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Operational Risk Management

  • Determine your current risk exposure and subsequent risk appetite by reviewing your business environment and the respective processes, systems and controls within it
  • Review your risks from seven perspectives, namely:
    • - Internal Fraud
    • - External Fraud
    • - Employment Practices and Workplace Safety
    • - Clients, Products and Business Practices
    • - Damage to Physical Assets
    • - Business Disruption and System Failures
    • - Execution, Delivery and Process Management
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Internal Audit

  • Conducting of internal audits on your business processes to determine if those business standards agreed to are being adhered to
  • Provision of report on areas within your business which are not adequately controlled and as such place you at risk

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